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01 Jun
Suara Keheningan | RP. Inosensius Ino, O.Carm

The highlight of the discussion regarding SIM for life is indeed very interesting to discuss, especially in the Indonesian context. Why is that? Why has there been a polemic over SIM for life in Indonesia? 

The idea of a SIM for life appears in social discussions with reasons and considerations that are relevant today. This paper aims to provide reasons why I agree with the idea of a SIM for life. Three reasons support this idea, namely: 

1. Reducing complicated bureaucracy with indications of extortion  

It is not new that the process of obtaining a SIM can sometimes be complicated, while at other times, it is very easy. SIM-related matters have long been categorized as prone to corruption. Imagine the emergence of terms like "shot SIM." Why does this term exist? 

Additionally, there are fast lane SIMs, express SIMs, and so on. These terms are used to describe the existing reality. Indications of fraud, collusion, and nepotism (KKN) can indeed be observed and predicted about SIM matters. 

The idea of a SIM for life may be the pinnacle of public disappointment and can also play an important role in realizing the nation's shared aspirations to achieve a clean and objective bureaucracy. 

Naturally, ideas like this will be rejected by those who have benefited from the existing system. Wetlands will dry up when there is a change in the lifetime driver's license.   

2. Special paper savings 

The plan and idea of a SIM for life are, of course, good in terms of saving on the special paper used for SIM printing material. Just imagine the size of the Indonesian population and the amount of paper needed for this. Not to mention the use of plastic for the laminating process. 

The same principle applies to the use of plastic for all residents who need a driver's license. However, if the application for a lifetime SIM is implemented, the amount of paper and plastic saved can be significant and used for other purposes that are more important and useful. 

I still remember in 2016 when I returned from vacation and went to the police station to get a driver's license. In the end, I went home empty-handed simply because the special paper was not yet available in my city. The need for special paper cannot be replaced by other types of paper. Steps to save paper need to be taken from now on. It is better to issue tons of paper for a lifetime than to issue tons of specialty paper every five years. 

3. The choice to love the environment amidst global climate change

The idea of a SIM for life has a direct impact on environmental issues. For instance, saving paper will undoubtedly contribute to reducing deforestation as trees and bamboo serve as sources for paper production. 

It is important to note that bamboo, being a type of tree, also plays a role in water conservation. Springs must be protected to ensure a sustainable supply of water for humans, animals, and nearby plants. 

In this context, the option for a lifetime SIM demonstrates a commitment to preserving our natural environment. Current government policies should prioritize environmental protection and sustainability. On the other hand, envision the consequences if 100 million Indonesians had to renew their SIMs and dispose of or burn their old ones—this would lead to significant air and environmental pollution. 

Additionally, the question arises: Where will the plastic be disposed of? This has implications for the environment. From this standpoint, I believe it is time for the Indonesian people to support government policies that have minimal impact on the environment and our natural surroundings. 

Among the three reasons mentioned above, I would like to emphasize a few key points: 

1. Indonesia requires a strategic policy that considers and prioritizes ecological options and the preservation of nature. 

2. To support an efficient and transparent bureaucratic system, it is crucial to choose practical solutions with minimal risk as the best approach. 

3. Developing a self-identity that encompasses driving skills and respectful behavior toward others should be accompanied by education on the true Principles of Pancasila.

Warm regards, Ino June 2, 2023

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