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04 Jul
Suara Keheningan | RP. Inosensius Ino, O.Carm

In the silence, we learn from the butterfly that the metamorphosis of the heart is a journey toward true beauty. - Ino Sigaze 

On a bright morning, illuminated by the dawn's light from the east, I stepped into the area of Maria Mageria Grotto to turn off the lamps on the courtyard. From a distance of three meters behind the altar, I saw a butterfly with unique and captivating colors resting on the white granite. At that moment, I realized this was a unique sight on this morning, July 2, 2024. 

The presence of this beautiful butterfly inspired my thoughts to write imaginatively about a soul longing to be close to God. A thirsty soul always yearns to be in the courtyard of His holy house. A question arose: What does the presence of this butterfly signify? Why was I given the opportunity to see this butterfly? 

It occurred to me that this moment was a special chance for me to write about it. Writing about the butterfly that bowed before the statue of the Holy Mother Mary, who, with a contemplative spirit, sat listening at the feet of Jesus. 

Where is the human who delights in bowing and giving thanks? In the silence of those few minutes, while capturing the butterfly's image, a reflection on life and the gratitude we should have every moment began to form. Had the butterfly not been found in the prayer house's courtyard, no one would have written about it or reflected on its presence at the beginning of July 2024. 

I remember a story from 2023, when I was leisurely walking by the Rhine River in Germany, and I saw a butterfly trapped in a spider's web, struggling to break free. It fought so hard that some of the web's threads broke, but it was still unable to free itself. Feeling compassion for its struggle, I tried to untangle the spider's web, allowing it to fly across the Rhine with the serene flow of the river at that moment. 

I also recall a butterfly that accompanied me on a personal pilgrimage in the mountains of Herzegovina, Medjugorje, in June 2023. This beautiful butterfly fluttered by my side from the cross peak to the village's edge. What is the mystery behind these butterflies? Is there a hidden message in these moments? 

Spiritual Journey and the Web of Life 

The presence of butterflies at these moments may carry a message about beauty, transformation, and hope. Like a butterfly transforming from a chrysalis, perhaps God is reminding us of our spiritual transformation journey. When we feel trapped in the "web" of life, He is there to free us and guide us toward greater freedom. 

The butterfly trapped in the spider's web might symbolize our struggles against sin or life's challenges. The help we receive from others, or that we give, symbolizes the love and support God provides through our fellow humans. 

The butterfly accompanying the pilgrimage could be seen as a sign of God's presence in our spiritual journey, reminding us that we are never alone. Their presence teaches us to be grateful for every given moment, to see the beauty in every step of our life's journey, and to continually hope and believe that God is always with us, guiding and blessing every step. These simple moments, filled with the beauty of God's creation, help us reflect on His greatness and love in our lives. Let us continue to open our hearts to see the small signs of God's love around us every day. 

The Concept of Heart Metamorphosis 

The metamorphosis of the heart is a beautiful and profound transformation process, much like the change a butterfly undergoes. Just as a caterpillar must go through the chrysalis stage before becoming a beautiful butterfly, our hearts must undergo renewal and purification to achieve spiritual maturity. In life's journey, we often face various challenges, sufferings, and difficulties that can be seen as our life's "chrysalis." However, through each of these experiences, God works in our hearts, shaping and transforming us into better, stronger individuals who are closer to Him. 

This heart metamorphosis process teaches us to be patient and trust in God's plan. Every difficulty we face is an opportunity to grow and change, to leave behind the "chrysalis" of our sins and weaknesses, and emerge as a new "butterfly" filled with love, faith, and hope. Let us open our hearts to experience this spiritual metamorphosis. 

Through prayer, reflection, and living with faith, we can undergo a true transformation, becoming better individuals who more closely reflect God's love. Every moment we experience, both joy and sorrow, is part of this beautiful process, bringing us closer to God and our ultimate goal, eternal life with Him.

In the spirit of sharing, Ino, July 2, 2024

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